The Man Tan- Tanning Tips For Men

August 22, 2014


More and more men are enjoying the benefits of tanning. No longer seen as for woman only, men everywhere are taking to sunbeds and the sunshine to develop that gorgeous sun kissed glow. So, if you’re a man looking for some handy tips or simply a reason to start tanning, this is the blog for you!


Why men should develop a tan:

Define yourself with a tan

Tanning helps to add muscle definition. It can help highlight those biceps, triceps, and abdominal muscles, helping you to look even more muscular.


Enhance your complexion

The sun can help to balance out your natural skin tones. Developing a tan can help make your skin look healthier and give you that extra bit of confidence, making you all round happier and more comfortable in your own skin.


Help with acne and other skin problems

If you’re self-conscious about your acne, eczema or any other skin condition you might have, the sun is a great healer. By just spending a few minutes a day tanning it could really help to clear up some of those skin problems!


Relax your body

Sunbathing will help to relax your joints and muscles, fighting any tension you might have. So, whether it’s bathing after a stressful day at work or maybe after you’ve over done a bit of exercise, tanning can really help to relieve the strain.


Use it to meet the ladies or the men

There is no question that tanning remains an activity dominated by the 'fairer' sex so that means tanning could present the perfect opportunity to get out and meet some lovely ladies.

And if it's men you're out to meet, then we are testament to the fact that tanning is no longer a female only activity from the sheer number of emails we receive from man with tanning related-questions. Plenty more men are starting to enjoy the benefits of tanning, so whether it’s as you’re going for a jog to get some rays or visiting a tanning salon, it could be the perfect time to strike up a conversation!



If you really want an all over even tan you may need to trim some of that body hair. Grooming yourself is a great way to optimise your tan. Creating a smooth surface by getting rid of body hair will help to develop an even suntan.


Work out as you tan

Working out while in the sun can really help to develop an even and more natural looking tan. This is because of the angle the sun will hit you. Just make sure you keep yourself hydrated and have plenty of SPF on whilst taking intervals to rest. Get fit and look good at the same time.


Avoid the t­shirt tan lines

Don’t draw attention to yourself for the wrong reasons! Make sure to wear t shirts that don’t have really long sleeves or if you feel confident enough, don’t wear a t shirt at all. Getting an even tan all over your body will look so much better and make you feel more comfortable


Control with Carrots Sun – go the colour you want to go

If you want control over how dark your tan will go Carrot Sun can really help. Using it with SPF can give you some real control. If it’s a simple sun kissed look you want or a darker tanned colour Carrot Sun can help you to achieve your desired look.

What’s also great about Carrot Sun is we have gender neutral fragrances, the Original Carrot works really well and smells great on both men and woman.


Think gradual

The best tans don’t come over night, they take time. Don’t rush it by trying to spend hours at a time in the sun. Not only is this dangerous but the human lobster is not a good look!


The Golden Rule ­ cover your bits!

If you’re going for a full body tan make sure to keep your sensitive areas covered. Even if it’s just with a piece of fabric ­ your sensitive parts can burn very quickly and badly. In order to stay burn free keep it covered!

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