Carrot Sun's Top Tanning Tips

August 29, 2013

We all love that healthy glow that a natural suntan can give us. That feeling of confidence when you know that your skin looks great and feels amazing is like no other - you're happier, you're shining and you just don't want it to fade away!

Carrot Sun helps you develop a deeper and darker tan than ever before, in faster time and makes it last longer with less time needed in the sun or on the sun beds!  It's amazing!  However  there are also one or two things you can do too to help get the best out of Carrot Sun.  We've put together several handy tips that can be done in conjunction with using Carrot Sun before , during and after tanning to help make that colour and feeling last that little bit longer!



Always remember to exfoliate the skin before tanning - get rid of those dead skins cells and help reduce the dryness of your skin. This will decrease the chances of you peeling after tanning, so not only will it help you to create a longer lasting tan with the help of Carrot Sun but further enhance a deeper and darker tan too.  



When you wax, make sure you do it before you start to tan - ideally at least 24 hours beforehand. This means that by not waxing after you've started to tan, you're not going to be stripping any skin cells (thus your tan) from your skin whilst carrying out any hair removal.

The same goes for shaving. However should you need to shave after you've started tanning, you can keep your tan for longer by switching from a wet razor, which is harsher on the skin, to an electric shaver!


Keep hydrated!

Keep your body happy from the inside out by taking in liquids whilst tanning. This will help to prevent your skin from drying out and make for an easier tan. Dry skin is known to naturally deflect  the sun's rays.



Carrot Sun already works as a brilliant moisturiser, but why moisturise? Again this is about keeping those dry dead skin cells away and about keeping the healthy ones happy.  Don't let dry skin stop you from getting the tan you desire. If you're worried about this, we have products within our Carrot Sun range that can help you even more, for instance out Coconut Carrot Sun is brilliant for even the driest of skin!

However should you feel your skin needs a bit more moisture then go ahead and use an after sun! It won't affect the use of Carrot Sun at all.


Remove all make up!

Don't create a miss match tan by having your face covered in makeup and the rest of your  body free for tanning - ­especially when using the sun beds! It's important to take of any makeup that UV light cannot penetrate! This will also help you to get the best out of Carrot Sun!


Know your limits!

All these tanning tips will, with the help of Carrot Sun, get you that deep golden colour you're always wanted, however, always remember not to spend too much time in the sun or on the sun beds. Remember that Carrot Sun accelerates your tan therefore you do not need to spend as much time tanning yourself. Burning yourself is a big tanning don't! You are safer by building up a base tan before going all out.

Carrot Sun can still work just as well, if not better in some cases, by using an SPF before apply the Carrot Sun to your skin.


So get involved and follow the other members of our Carrot Sun community who love this product and have the tans they've always wanted! Let us know your thoughts on the subject and feel free to share your top tanning tips with us. We now have Twitter  and Facebook so get in touch as we'd love to hear from you!!

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