Carrot Sun® Tan Accelerators

Carrot Sun products are fast-acting tan accelerators that develop a deeply rich, golden tan. They can be used anywhere: on sunbeds, in the sun, and over SPF lotion. Indulge in one of our luxuriously moisturising, heavenly scented products, and find out why Carrot Sun is the top tanning cream in the whole of the Middle East. 

Best of all, we now offer FREE UK shipping on any size order, as well as free shipping to the USA, Canada, and Australia up to 500g!


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How To Get A Real Tan If You're Fair, Pale, Or Just Can't Tan!

We often get asked if very fair-skinned people can get a real tan. Yes! We know it’s possible. We’ve seen them out there. Scandinavians, Germans, people who are naturally incredibly pale, parading around with stunning golden tans. How do they do it? We got hold of some of these clever tanned goddesses and they revealed their tanning secrets for the fair-skinned… read on!

How To Choose The Best Tan Accelerator

With so many tan accelerators on the market it can be difficult to know which one is best to use and why. There are just so many questions to ask. A good tan accelerator should be able to help keep your skin healthy and in good condition whilst helping to develop that beautifully golden tan.  So in order to help you out, we’re going to ask those questions and give you the answers to what the best tan accelerators should more