August 29, 2014

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Dares : Win A Carrot Sun Mini-Spray Box!



This competition has now ended. Thanks so much to everyone who competed- we loved every entry! You can now see our lucky 7 winners, below, in our dares gallery!

Summer is coming to an end but that doesn’t mean we have to stop having fun! To keep up those high spirits we’re giving away 20 Mini-Spray sets! Here’s how to get your hands on them:

Trade a photo for a prize:

  1. Pick a dare off our list (see below)
  2. Do the dare
  3. Take photographic/video proof
  4. Upload to one of our social media pages and post it to us! Make sure to add #carrotsunfun on Twitter and Instagram

First person to complete the dare wins!

When a dare has been completed the list will be updated. The dare that has been completed will be crossed off and the evidence will be available for everyone to see! Only one entry per person is allowed.




     *Dares in pink have already been completed*

  1. Draw a Carrot Sun cartoon (Completed very artistically by Les!)
  2. Make Carrot Sun your computer wallpaper (Completed by Shane with lightening speed!)
  3. Tape a paper on a colleague's back saying 'this tan is a carrot sun tan' (Sneakily & craftilly completed by Beth!)
  4. Take a picture of a pet eating a carrot (Completed by Rhiannon, Isabella, & Lottie. Mmm munch munch!)
  5. Spell Carrot Sun with anything you can find on your desk (e.g rulers, staplers) (Spectacularly completed by Sinead!)
  6. Place Carrot Sun in passenger seat/ baby seat with seatbelt on (Hilariously completed by Murphy!) 
  7. Write 'I <3 Carrot Sun' on the beach in the sand (Beautifully completed by Sarah B)

 Have Fun & Good Luck!!


 For full T&C’s follow this link


Dare's Gallery